Tuesday, 22 April 2014

V.A - This Is Manchester (LP)

■14track LP
■Label : Essential
■Year : 1990
A1  Obi Men - Sound Of Things Growing
A2  Capital Hill - Deep Down
A3  Sandle Woods - Vanessa
A4  63 Trees - Darkness
A5  Candidates - Wednesday's Child
A6  Dawn Zee - Hold Tight
A7  Chrisalids - My Heart Is Where My Home Is
B1  Kinnel - Locked In Heaven
B2  The Paperboys - This Is How I Feel
B3  The Liars - Dispossession Dance
B4  The Parkway Project - Let Go
B5  Moss Cat - Moss One
B6  News For Yours - Whirlpool Of Love
B7  D.N.A - Nervous Smile

♪ Sandle Woods - Vanessa

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