Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Monk Bought Lunch - Love And Hate (7")

■3track 7"
■Label : - (own release)
■Year : 1991
A1  Love And Hate
B1  Paint It White
B2  The Sailors Tilted Hat

♪ Love And Hate


  1. This blog is amazing. and every so often you post stone cold She Splinters Mortar, Ember Days… this…etc.

    seeing as how this is is beyond rare(not even a discogs mention) it'd be super cool if you eventually posted the other 2 songs. can only imagine they are as godhead as the lead off.

    cheers from Brooklyn.

  2. The Monk Bought Lunch were essentially a solo project of Andy Hayes, shortly before he formed the much more electric and Beatlesy group "Is She Weird?"

    Both their singles are also worth tracking down, especially "Let's Play God" which has the fantastically moody "Burden Me" on the flipside.

    Hayes pressed up a very small number of copies of "Love and Hate" and ended up giving quite a few of them away and binning more. He gave me a copy one day in return for a favour I did him. Nice of him since it's become quite in-demand since!