Friday, 4 July 2014

Dislocation Dance - Music Music Music (LP)

■14track LP
■Label : New Hormones
■Year : 1981
A1  Stand Me Up
A2  Don't Knock Me Down
A3  YOPS Course
A4  Meeting Mum And Dad
A5  Friendship
A6  Take A Chance (On Romance)...
A7  ...Have A Chance
B1  Roof Is Leaking
B2  With A Smile On Your Face And A Frown In Your Heart
B3  Vendetta (Theme)
B4  Narrow Laughs
B5  Footloose
B6  Can't Race Time... And The Mad Killer (Coda)
B7  Wonder What I'll Do Tomorrow

♪ Don't Knock Me Down

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