Saturday 3 October 2020

Bird In The Bush - I'll Keep It Hidden (7")

■2track 7"
■Label : Strawberry
■Year : 1993
A1  I'll Keep It Hidden
B1  Love Speaks Out

Saturday 26 September 2020

Kid Sinister - Sugar Rae (12")

■3track 12"
■Label : Sons Of Art
■Year : 1989
A1  Sugar Rae
B1  The Cradle Born
B2  Stop The Wind

Saturday 19 September 2020

HoneyBunch - Mine Your Own Business (7")

■2track 7"
■Label : Slumberland
■Year : 1992
A1  Mine Your Own Business
B1  Remember You Always

Saturday 12 September 2020

Nick Brown - Caroline (7")

■2track 7"
■Label :  - (own release)
■Year : 1980
A1  Caroline
B1  Ecstacy

Saturday 5 September 2020

Saturday 29 August 2020

Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes - Nixon (LP)

■12track LP
■Label : Avalanche
■Year : 1990
A1  Grand Hotel
A2  Good Bye Misery
A3  Her Eyes Closed
A4  Heaven And A Higher Place
A5  Love Loves To Love Me
A6  She Falls From Me
B1  Hold Me Now
B2  Bury Me Deep
B3  Stand Up
B4  Eight-Lane Freeway
B5  Deliverance
B6  Eden

Friday 21 August 2020

Drums In Minor - You Would Be Sorry (7")

■2track 7"
■Label : Reazone To Release
■Year : 1990
A1  You Would Be Sorry
B1  Cold As My Hand

Saturday 15 August 2020

Fetch Eddie - He'll Love You Till You're Pregnant (7")

■2track 7"
■Label : Sticky
■Year : 1987
A1  He'll Love You Till You're Pregnant
B1  Too Much To Ask For

Saturday 8 August 2020

The Mirror Images - The Early Days! (LP)

■12track LP
■Label : Beat The Record / D&S Recording
■Year : 1989
A1  Paint
A2  The Distance
A3  Coming Home
A4  I Obviously Expected A Little Bit More Of The 7th US-Cavalry
A5  Farewell, My Sommerlove
A6  Every Popstar's Got To Write A Love Song
A7  I Don't Care
B1  Borbeck Riots
B2  Early Days
B3  Sandy
B4  Why Do Only Kind People Die?
B5  Anyhow, It's Now

♪ I Obviously Expected A Little Bit More Of The 7th US-Cavary

Sunday 2 August 2020

Turn To Flowers - People Change Like The Weather (12")

■3track 12"
■Label : Imaginary
■Year : 1987
A1  People Change Like The Weather
B1  Listen To The Dead Man

Tuesday 21 July 2020

Friendly Fires! - I Said To Him (12")

■5track 12"
■Label : Deadbug 
■Year : 1986
A1  I Said To Him
A2  Tide Temper
B1  Happier Than You
B2  All Too Soon
B3  Come Alive

♪ All Too Soon

Tuesday 14 July 2020

V.A - A Lighthouse In The Desert (LP)

■4track LP
■Label : Egg
■Year : 1989
A1  The Prayers  - Puppet Clouds
A2  The Charch Grims - Mr Watt Said
B1  The Bachelor Pad - Silly Girl
B2  Remember Fun -  Cold Inside

♪ Remember Fun - Cold Inside