Monday, 20 July 2015

V.A - Hip City Boogaloo (LP)

■13track LP
■Label : Hotwire
■Year : 1984
A1  The Fontaines - Back It Up
A2  Light A Big Fire - Light A Big Fire
A3  Light A Big Fire - Crusin' Down Sunset
A4  Side One - An Outcry Of Passion
A5  The Temps - Motivation
A6  The Commotion - You'd Never Know
A7  Private Number - Why?
B1  The Commotion - (Don't Say Goocbye) Today
B2  Private Number - Don't Take It Away
B3  Side One - Reasons
B4  Light A Big Fire - Picking Up Signals
B5  The Temps - From Here To Eternity
B6  The Fontaines - Love Driven-In

♪ The Commotion - (Don't Say Goodbye) Today

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