Friday, 28 December 2012

Boxing Clever - Toy Soldiers (12")

■4track 12"
■Label : Beaver
■Year : 1989
A1  Toy Soldiers
A2  William
B1  Nobody Else I Know
B2  I Just Do


  1. love the obscure pop music!

    cheers from NYC.

  2. Oh, dang. I was perusing the venerable Indie Soundz blog, only yesterday. Now it appears to be gone / expunged.

    This is insane.

    is Mutant Sounds next? these are modern day libraries! hosting out of print music that would otherwise go unheard.

    Policing the internet is Orwellian, bad, dangerous shit.

    Holy Warbles was a music blog that catered to hyper-obscure music from all corners of the world(snake charmer music from India, por example)

    and that site got taken down by the internet police. so what shot do the remaining indie music blogs have?

    Utter insanity.

    Out Of Print music should absolutely be shared.

  3. Thanks for posting all of this great obscure music. I don't know if you've answered this before, but why don't you / will you eventually post all of the songs on each release? 95% of these are new to me and I have little hope of buying them on the used market.